Free Kindergarten Math Worksheet

Kids love games of I Spy. I love finding activities to make my math program more engaging and effective! During our unit on 2D shapes, I wanted to create a classroom center that children could do largely independently while practicing their shapes. This free kindergarten math worksheet worked perfectly!

We focused on shapes for several weeks, but towards the end of the year wanted to do some review on recognizing shapes. Activities like this ended up being well received by my students. You can use the sheet at home or in the classroom.

Although I used this sheet in kindergarten, it is a great review for children of any age who are practicing identifying shapes.

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free Kindergarten Math Worksheet shows a pinterest pin collage.

Free Math Activity Materials

Some of the best activities in kindergarten are ones that you can set up in minutes. For this activity, simply print the worksheets and give the children some coloring materials, such as markers, crayons or pencil crayons.

You can download the page by clicking the “Free Printable” button at the bottom of this post.

Free Kindergarten Math Worksheet shows a black and white ispy shapes worksheet.

A black and white page and page with colored shapes is included.

Free Kindergarten Math Worksheet

On the worksheet there is a collection of various 2D shapes. The page also lists the number of each shape children need to find in the picture.

math for kids shows a list of shapes with pictures and numbers.

Children look through the collage of shapes to find each of the shapes listed at the side and color them.

There is everything from one star to ten rectangles to be found. This is also a great way to have kids practice counting and practicing their numbers from 1 to 10 as they count the shapes as they find them.

I gave my students the color printable and asked them to color in the shapes in the color featured for each shape in the legend (i.e. Color the star red and the ovals brown etc.)

This was a good way for them to practice their coloring by trying to stay in the lines as well as recognizing their colors.

shape resource for kids shows a collage of 2d shapes with several of them colored.

Kindergarten Math Center

The other benefit to challenging children to color each of the groups of shapes one color is that it prevents children from coloring all of the page the same color. Children have to be able to recognize each of the shapes and then color them the appropriate color.

You can use any copy of the worksheet that works for you.

It ended up taking my students a lot longer then I anticipated to complete the sheet (30+ minutes). They were engaged and had fun finding each of the shapes. They also loved using markers to complete their sheet.

Free Kindergarten Math Worksheet shows a colored worksheet with a rainbow of markers along the bottom.

When they’re done, your children will have a beautiful, rainbow colored page filled with lots of 2D shapes!

Free Kindergarten Math Worksheet shows a colored page of 2d shapes.

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