How to Make Grass Head Plants

There is something beautiful about watching a seed sprout and grow. For young children it is almost magical. Create a special way for children to watch grass, virtually anywhere and they can hold their plant in the palm of their hand. The step by step instructions below will explain exactly how to make grass head plants.

This is a great project for spring, but it can be created anytime of year! It is a hands-on opportunity to learn about plant growth. Children will love watching their grass head grow, but they’ll also learn what all they must provide for their plant in order for it to grow.

The possibilities are endless for what you can create. Below I share a classic grass head and even a hedgehog shaped grass head critter.

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Grass Head Plant Materials

The materials you need for this activity are fairly simple and inexpensive and it’s a great activity for kids to do with their own hands. It may get a little messy, but they’ll learn a lot and have fun.

You will need:

  • Nylon
  • Soil
  • Grass Seed (Or flower seeds)
  • Small Elastics (Optional)
  • Puffy Paint (Optional)
  • Face Decoration (Googly eyes, yarn etc.)(Optional)
  • A Cup (Optional)
How to Make Grass Head Plants shows soil, seeds and nylons.

Since it can get messy, I suggest taking this activity outside.

How to Make Grass Head Plants Step by Step

I have created these grass heads almost every spring, with my own children at home, and with children at school. They are very easy to make and kids are always excited to watch them grow.

There are different ways you can do this activity, below I explain the way that I have found best, and easiest to do with young children.

Grass Seed

The first step for how to make grass head plants is to cut a nylon to leave only the bottom (foot) part. The actual length you need depends on what critter you make. However, it’s best to make it longer to start and you can cut off any excess when you are done.

Put the nylon into a cup and fill the bottom with grass seed. Roughly about half a cup of seed will work.

How to Make Grass Head Plants shows nylons in a cup with soil and seeds.


Next, add soil on top of the grass seed. It helps to have the nylon in a cup for these steps, but you don’t have to use one. If you have young children creating a grass head, the cup helps keep the mess to a minimum.

Push the soil down and keep adding soil until the head/critter is the size you want. Remove the nylon from the cup and add more soil if you want the head to be larger.

How to Make Grass Head Plants shows soil in a cup.

Next, form your soil ball to look like a head. Secure the bottom of the nylon by tying a knot. Trim any excess nylon.

You can create ears, a nose and any other features with mini elastics.

The basis for your grass head is complete!

How to Make Grass Head Plants shows a grass head made from nylons.

Creating Your Creature

The grass head is the classic shape, but you can create any creature you can think of. I created a hedgehog shaped grass critter that turned out well, and my kids loved. Instead of putting the seeds all at the top, spread it out along the side of the nylon.

outdoor activity for kids shows a nylon grass head made to look like a hedgehog.

Create four legs using the mini elastics.

How to Make Grass Head Plants shows two grass heads from the top view.

Decorating Your Grass Head

You can add details and decorate your grass head however you choose to. You can use hot glue to attach features, such as googly eyes or yarn for a smile.

outdoor learning shows two grass heads.

Puffy paint also works well for adding details. Create unique features and details on the nylon. Kids will love this part of creating and making their grass head unique.

planting for kids shows two grass heads with puffy paint around them to decorate.

Taking Care of Your Grass Head Plant

Once you have added the features and are happy with your grass head, you are ready to water it and then wait for it to grow.

At this stage there is not much to see, or do with your grass head, but kids will love how cute their creature is and the fact that they can hold them.

How to Make Grass Head Plants shows two grass heads beside a decorative plant.

Place your grass head in the sunshine and water it frequently. When we make these in kindergarten, I set each plant on a plastic plate and children made sure to water their plant and leave a little water on the plant.

These can also be left outside in the sunshine to grow. They’re really adorable to have in a garden.

How to Make Grass Head Plants – Taking Care of Your Plant

Once the grass starts to grow, it will continue to grow and grow. You’ll find there are random pieces of grass seed growing on the face and in strange places that you didn’t intend.

This is part of the fun and makes your grass head look even more adorable!

How to Make Grass Head Plants shows a grass head face with grass growing out the top as hair.

Give children the chance to give their grass head a hair cut by trimming down the ‘hair’. This is one of the best parts of taking care of the grass head, and kids always love it.

Enjoy taking care of your grass head all season long. Water it, trim it and make sure it gets lots of sunshine.

outdoor education shows a person trimming hair on a nylon critter.

You can also plant a mix of grass and flower seeds. Typically the grass seed will grow quickly and then the flowers will start to come in later. The mix of flowers and grass seed is quite something to see.

hedgehog plant shows grass growing out of a nylon critter.

If you mix the seeds, it is also exciting for children to notice the different mix of sprouts that your grass head will have. Happy gardening!

hedgehog plant shows a hedgehog critter with grass growing out the top.


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