Awesome Alphabet Activity for Kindergarten

Creating hands-on centers and activities is one of my favorite things to do. However, when I am with my kindergarten class, I also plan whole group, direct instruction which can be tricky to make hands-on. Activities like this awesome alphabet activity for kindergarten is a wonderful mix of both.

You could do this activity with small groups, but it also works wonderfully with a whole class. If you are working on the alphabet, letter sounds and/or beginning sounds this is a great addition to your program.

It’s good to be able to show pictures and use worksheets for children to practice identifying letter sounds that different objects make. However, having familiar objects that they recognize, can touch and ones they see on a regular basis increases engagement and learning.

alphabet activity for kindergarten shows a pinterest pin of a bin with lots of colorful object and the letters ABC.

Materials Needed

One of the great things about this activity, and something that I look for as a teacher, is that the materials needed for this alphabet activity for kindergarten are gathered from around your classroom or home. Most of the objects you will be able to find quickly.

I have shown the objects that I use for my class; however, you can use any items you have. You need one object for each letter of the alphabet. I usually simply start at a and work my way through the alphabet grabbing one item for each letter and putting it in a bag.

I don’t always use the same objects each time I do the activity. As long as you have an object for each letter it will work. Use what you have. If you don’t have a few items for a few letters, use a picture, such as my volcano for V.

alphabet activity for kindergarten shows a line of objects and each one starts with a different letter of the alphabet.
Beginning sounds: apple, brush, corn, dice, egg, fork, glasses, hammer, icepack, jello, key, leaf, mouse, nail polish, owl, plant, queen, rat, snake, turtle, unicorn, volcano, watch, xylophone, yo-yo and zebra.

The activity requires minimal planning, but give yourself a bit of time to collect the materials.

You will also need an alphabet line, or write and wipe boards. I have a class set of boards that we use all the time. Print each letter of the alphabet on one board.

Alphabet Activity for Kindergarten

Have your collection of items all together in a bag or box. You can choose if you want to show children the items all at once, or bring one item out at a time.

We are always working on printing the letters of the alphabet, and this activity is a great opportunity to practice. I typically start by giving each child a mini dry erase board. If you don’t have these, or similar boards, you can use just a sheet of paper. Each child is given a letter to print on their board, or paper.

Once everyone has printed a letter, create the alphabet by placing each letter in order to create a line.

alphabet activity for kindergarten and preschool shows a bin with a bunch of objects in the bin and the letters ABC printed on boards below the bin.

Have children gather around and show them an object from your bag. Work together to sound out the word and then find the matching initial letter sound. Pick the next item from your bag and sound out the next object name and match it to the letter until your alphabet is complete.

Alphabet Activity for Kindergarten – Options

There are a few options for how you can run this activity. You can either lay all of the objects out in front of you with the letters on the dry erase boards, and find the item for A and then work your way to Z. I suggest this structure if you’re working on the order of the alphabet.

This is a bit more challenging for kids because they will have to look at each object and sound them out until the find the correct beginning sound.

letter game shows the letters ABCD printed on small boards and an apple, brush, corn and dice.

Alternatively, you can simply pick any item and sound out the word and match it to the beginning letter sound until the whole alphabet is complete. Whichever way you do it, your children will be learning and engaged.

beginning letter sounds shows letters A-G printed on small boards with a bunch of objects around it and a brush on B, die on D and glasses on G.

Beginning Sounds – Vowels

Vowels provide a unique opportunity that is important to teach. Since each vowel makes two sounds (the long and short), you can choose two object for each vowel. Each object will represent either the short or long vowel sound.

It’s a great way for children to get a visual for the different sounds the one letter makes.

I typically complete the alphabet using short vowel sounds first. Then I bring out five more objects that make the long vowel sound and we discuss the difference and identify the correct vowel.

alphabet activity for kindergarten shows the letter Aa printed on a board and an apple and acorns set around it.

Letter Sound Alphabet Activity for Kids

Another extension that you can add to your alphabet game is to include two objects for the same letter. This keeps kids engaged by having to properly sound out each letter even if they already have a matching object.

alphabet activity for kindergarten shows a dinosaur and dic and a board with the letter Dd printed below it.

Once you have done the activity together as a class, the objects and letters can become a great center for children to work on in small groups.

More Alphabet Activities for Kindergarten

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