Free Printable Christmas Math Activity Set

Finding ways to make math meaningful is important. One easy way to engage young children is to use themed activities and games. Practicing number skills using hands-on materials is a great way to make math fun. These free printable Christmas math activity sheets are easy to use and make a great addition to any math program.

I used these sheets in my kindergarten class, but you can use them with any children working on their basic number skills, including numbers one to ten.

Children work on identifying and matching numbers on the activity sheets using wooden blocks. Best of all each page creates an adorable Christmas themed picture.

Laminate the pages to use for years!

Free printable Christmas math activity set shows a pinterest pin image.

Printable Christmas Math Activity Materials

There is not much prep required for this activity. The only materials you need are:

  • The four printable pages (download below, for free)
  • Wooden blocks
  • Paint (White, red, green, brown)

The paint is used to color the wooden blocks. Once painted, the colors will complete the pictures once the blocks are set on the page.

There are two sizes of printable pages included in the download. One is slightly smaller and fits the size of wooden blocks that I used. They are slightly smaller than a regular die. The other copy of the pages are roughly half a page. Print whichever copy is best for you.

Once you have printed the pages, it’s time to paint the blocks. You will need a total of:

  • 15 white blocks
  • 3 red blocks
  • 10 green blocks
  • 12 brown blocks

If you don’t have paint, you can still use the activity. However, the painted blocks are more engaging and can help children with the pictures because the colors match the sheets.

Free printable Christmas math activity set shows four printable pages and four lines of wooden blocks each numbered 1-10.

Preparing Your Christmas Math Game

Once you have painted the blocks, it is easiest to place the blocks onto the printable page that they match. Once you have each of the blocks in the right spot, then print the matching number from the sheet below it.

STEM activity shows green numbered blocks 1-10 and a page with an x-mas tree on it.

Some of the pictures are all the same colored blocks for each of the ten spots. For example, the Christmas tree, is all green, and the reindeer is all brown blocks.

Free printable Christmas math activity set shows a christmas tree image with wooden blocks numbered 1-10 to create the tree.

The other pictures include different colors on the page. The colors match the colors on each page.

Free printable Christmas math activity set shows a reindeer image with blocks on it to create the features.

If you have the option to laminate the sheets that is ideal because children will be moving the blocks around on them and they can rip.

Make sure that you have ten blocks for each printable, numbered 1-10.

math activity shows a snowman with 10 blocks on it to make the features of the man.

How to Play

Once you have all of the blocks and picture cards ready, you can either give the materials to a child to start, or place it all to create a table center in a classroom.

If you are using the game as a center in a classroom for a small group of children to use, you can set all four cards out. You can either place all of the blocks, for all of the cards in a container with the pages.

Free printable Christmas math activity set show four printable themed images and a box of wooden numbers.

Mixing the blocks makes it more challenging for children to complete. When mixed they have to search through the blocks to find the correct color, and number.

If you have a really young group doing the activity, you can simply give them one of the cards and the ten blocks that go with the printable.

Older children may benefit from having to sort through all of the blocks to find the right ones. When I tried the activity and only one child was working on the cards, they placed each block one at a time on the cards until all four pictures were filled.

math game shows four Christmas themed printables and a child putting numbered blocks on the to create the images.

Once each picture is made, kids should easily be able to tell if they completed placing their blocks correctly because it will create the picture.

free activity shows a child putting a number 6 on Santa's beard on a printable.

Printable Christmas Math Activity Extension Ideas

If you have a few children trying the activity, you could see how quickly they can fill their page with the blocks. Once they have finished make sure the blocks are placed in the correct spot.

If this activity becomes as popular in your room as it did in mine, you can extend the activity by changing the blocks. Instead of printing a number on the block, you could print a word, tally or even dots to represent each number.

Creating the blocks in this way challenges children to have to count or read the number on the block. They then have to match it with the number on the card.

hands-on game shows four themed pages with numbered blocks on them.

Free Printable Christmas Math Activity Sheets

The four themed pages shown in the activity above are all available for free from Play Learn Inspire. I hope that making them free and easy to download you can easily bring them to your classroom or home and encourage your little ones to work on these essential skills, while having fun.

Click the image, or the link below to download the four printable picture pages. Make sure to sign up to for activity ideas!

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Printable Christmas Math Activity Sheets


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