I love teaching about community helpers to young children. It is easy for them to make connections to these helpers they see around their neighborhood and in their community. I always find it a meaningful unit that children are engaged in. This Free Community Helpers Name worksheet is a fun matching game to practice various helpers.

Add a mix of hands-on activities, centers and worksheets to make your unit complete.

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free community helpers name worksheets shows a pinterest pin image with community helpers and their names on tags.

Free Community Helpers Name Materials

You’ll need some glue and scissors to use this activity. Otherwise, you can simply print the color, or black and white pages.

free community helpers name worksheets shows two of the printable pages and the name cut outs at the bottom.

To save time, you can precut the community helpers name cards. However, with some children and grades having them cut out the names is a great chance for them to practice their fine motor skills while cutting.

Once they have the name cut outs, children work to match it to the community helpers on their pages. There are twelve helper totaled. The helpers featured on the page are:

community helpers worksheet shows a child gluing a name on the worksheet.
  • Doctor
  • Chef
  • Firefighter
  • Crossing Guard
  • Teacher
  • Dentist
  • Police Officer
  • Paramedic
  • Garbage Collector
  • Veterinarian
  • Mail Carrier
  • Construction Worker

Depending on the age of the children doing the activity, you can either read the community helpers name aloud and have children match to the photo, or children can read the names and match on their own.

The answers for the worksheet are shown below. The community helpers name has been placed below their picture.

social studies worksheet shows neighborhood people and their names.

Once children have matched each of the photos, they can glue and secure it down.

social studies shows helpers from the neighborhood with the name labelled.

I hope you find this free community helpers name worksheets a great addition to your unit!

Extension Ideas

Once you have completed the pages and ensured that children matched the community helpers name to the correct picture, the worksheets provide a great opportunity for further learning.

Encourage children to look at the pictures of each community helper and discuss what else they notice in each photo. What tools or supplies do they notice each helper has?

You can also talk about where children have seen these community helpers before. For example, ask who has been to the dentist? What happened when you met the dentist?

You can also discuss what each community helper does to help people in the community. Whether it is to keep people healthy (doctors, dentists etc.) or keep the community safe (crossing guards, police etc.)

Download the FREE Community Helpers Name Worksheets

Make planning easy and free by downloading the free community helpers name worksheets. You can print in color or black and white and create a fun matching activity for children.

Whether you are an educator in a school, homeschooling parents or simply looking for a fun learning opportunity for children, this is a great activity to learning about people who help make our community better.

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