From police and teachers to crossing guards and dentist there are lots of people who work and live in a community. All of these helpers keep us safe, healthy and make our neighborhoods, and communities run smoothly. Help teach children about these people with this Free Community Helpers Worksheet.

Teaching about community helpers is always a fun unit for children because they are usually familiar with and see these helpers when they are in their neighborhoods. It’s a great way to increase their understanding of what each of these people do.

In many ways learning about community helpers is also a great way to increase children’s appreciation of each of these jobs and how they all work together to make each of our communities better.

For another hands-on activity to do with young children, check out this interactive Community Helpers and Their Tools activity from Hands-On Teaching Ideas.

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Free Community Helpers Worksheet

The worksheet is available in color, and black and white. Once downloaded you can print a copy for each child. You will also need scissors and glue.

These worksheets are ideal for young children in preschool, kindergarten and the primary grades. Whether you homeschool, are an educator in the classroom or simply looking for fun activities for your children, this free worksheet makes learning easy, and free!

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Print the worksheets and either cut out each of the pictures of tools, or have children cut them out as part of the activity.

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Once children have all of the materials, they work on matching each community helper to one of the pictures of tools.

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For some of the helpers, children can use the pictures of the helper for clues as to what their tool is. I.e The crossing guard is holding a stop sign and the vet is holding an animal.

Once each of the tools have been matched to the helper, children can glue them into place.

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Community Helpers and Their Tools Answers

Pictures of the solutions are shown below and the correct tool for each community helper is listed below.

  • Doctor – Stethoscope
  • Chef – Frying Pan
  • Firefighter – Protective Helmet
  • Crossing Guard – Stop Sign
  • Teacher – Chalk Board
  • Dentist – Toothbrush
  • Police Officer – Badge
  • Paramedic – Ambulance
  • Garbage Collector – Trash Can
  • Veterinarian – Animals
  • Mail Carrier – Mail/Envelope
  • Construction Worker – Hammer
community helpers and their tools shows six helpers and a cutout of their tools beside them.

Only one tool for each community helper is provided in the activity, so you can discuss other tools that each helper would use in order to do their job. These discussions are also a great way to have children think about these helpers when they use similar tools in their daily life, such as when they use their toothbrush, they can connect it to the job of a dentist.

community helpers shows a worksheet and cut outs matched beside.

You can also discuss how each community helper uses these tools to keep everyone in the community, safe, healthy and things running smoothly. It may even spark some interests in different professions.

Free Community Helpers Worksheets

Make sure to grab the free community helpers worksheets featured above. Click the “Free Printables” image below, subscribe to Play Learn Inspire and download right away.

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