Free End of Year Memory Book for Kindergarten

The last few days of school are always filled with excitement and lots of extra energy. Children, and teachers are ready for summer, but when you only have a few days left, keep kids engaged with a Free End of Year Memory Book for kindergarten and young kids.

A memory book is a great opportunity to keep record of special things from the year, such as classmates names, pictures of friends and even a self portrait. I used the booklet with kindergarten, but it can be used with kids of all ages. You can even use it outside of school for children to complete at home.

If you’re using it in class, you can have the memory book ready for each child to work on when they finish other work, or make it a class project and work on it together.

I love using this free end of school memory book as a way to keep my students engaged and learning during the last days of school. It’s a great way to have children continue doing work, but have fun while doing it.

end of school memory book shows a pinterest pin collage of a memory book.

Free End of School Memory Book

There are five pages included in the memory book. You can print them all to create a book or you can print just a few pages that fit something you are working on with your child(ren).

The pages are included in black and white so that it is printer/ink friendly. It also allows children to color in the pages and clipart.

last days shows five pages from a memory book.

The pages are simple for young children to fill out and when complete, it creates a beautiful keepsake.

All you need to complete the booklet are the printable pages, markers, crayons or any coloring materials and a pencil.

You can print the cover page of the book for children to print their name and grade and it makes a beautiful cover for your completed memory book.

free end of school memory book shows a child coloring the cover of the book.

My Handprint Memory Book Page

The handprint page is a fun sheet for kids to trace their hand. This is also a great page to print to use with children at the beginning of the year too. Print the page and have kids trace their hand as they start school and then attach it to the end of year memory book.

It’s a wonderful chance for kids to compare how much they’ve grown.

end of school memory book shows a traced handprint and a child coloring it.

School Memories End of School Memory Book

The school memories page is a way to record a few special memories from the year and make note of their age and friends. These pages are always a favorite to look back on as kids get older.

Children will draw or fill in the following topics:

  • Me with My Friends
  • My Age
  • My Favorite Activity
  • What I’m Excited About for Summer
all about me printables shows a child coloring a border on a page.

End of Summer Memory Book Signature Page

The signature page is always a favorite! If you’re doing the booklet in the classroom, it’s a great way for kids to interact with their peers.

Each child in the class, or even friends beyond their classroom, print their name on this page. It ends up being a beautiful and colorful collage.

last days of school shows a page with a bunch of signatures.

This is Me Page

The final page in the book gives kids a chance to draw a portrait of themself. This is another page that can be printed at the beginning of the year, or monthly, for kids to fill out.

Children’s art tends to progress a lot over the year and portraits are an easy way to see this progress. The portraits are also a wonderful representation of how the child thinks they look.

Once children have filled out all of the pages, it can be sent home for parents to hang onto.

end of year memory book shows a this is me page and drawing of a person.

Although I used the booklet in the classroom, you can use the book at home. The signatures page would not be a good fit if the book is being done at home, but you can simply choose not to print this page.

Give kids lots of time to work through the memory book to create a finished product to hang onto for many years. I hope that you find the pages simple, yet beautiful for young children to use.

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